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KS-65721-2 «Galichanin» base complete set boom 42,0 m

automobile chassis MZKT-750110 (8 x 4) EVRO-4
Price for RF,
VAT 20%
Price for CIS,
VAT 0%
Archive model
Not available for order
Base characteristics
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Load-lifting characteristics

Technical characteristics KS-65721-2

Parameter Value
Lifting capacity, t / Radius, m 60/2,6
Boom length, m 11,5 - 34,1
Jib length, m 9,1 or 15,1
Max height of hook, m
- with main boom 42,5
- with main boom and a jib 51,4 or 57,3
Max hook depth from ground level, m 8,0
Weight of a load, with which telescoping of a boom is possible, t 10,0
Weight lifting-lowering speed, m/min
- nominal (with load weight ot 60 t) 2,20
- quickly (with load weight to 9 t) 6,40
- maximal (reeving system rate 1) 36,8
Precision load-lowering speed, m/min not more 0,13
Revolving portion speed, revo/min up to 1,6
Transportation speed, Km/h up to 60
Support basis dimension along and across of chassis’ axis, m
- extended position of outrigger beams 7,2 х 7,24
- retracted position of outrigger beams 6,68 х 5,66
Weight of crane in transport position, t 43,68
Wheel formula 8 х 4
Engine of chassis Diesel
- model YAMZ-651
- power, kW 302
Dimensions of a crane in transport position (Length х width х height), m 14,58 х 2,55 х 3,99
Expoitation temperature, °C from -40 to +40

description of the technical terms and designations, see the Glossary