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Spare parts are pre-maid parts, units and subunits constituting a crane used for replacement of similar items installed in cranes, which have either worn out or gone fault. Considering the huge number of Galichanin cranes operated currently, a great deal of attention is paid to old parts replacement system at the manufacturing plant.

Crane is assembled from thousands of details, and literally each one of them might need to be replaced during operation. Spare parts can be divided into two groups. The first groups is standardized units and details, from coupling details (bolts, nuts, washers etc) to sophisticated units (hydromotors, hydropumps, safety equipment etc). The 2nd group also includes so-called original parts made at the manufacturing enterprise. At our plant both groups of details can be purchased. 1st group parts can also be bought from official dealers without any risk of decreasing quality of an assembled crane. But purchasing of analogous parts might cause problems. Only original spare parts can guarantee 100% quality and compliance with the requirements set by the manufacturer. Only original spare parts, marked by the main unit manufacturer, will have long run life and provide descent quality. That’s why all service centers use Galichanin original spare parts. If you care about the quality of the Galichanin cranes you operate, please order and purchanse original spare parts at Galich Mobile Cranes Plant or its official dealers.

Гидроцилиндры телескопирования секций стрелы КС-55713-1, КС-55713-1В, КС-55729-1В

Наименование Применение Заказать
КС-55715.63.800-3-01 Гидроцилиндр КС-55713-1  
КС-55715.63.900-3-01 Гидроцилиндр КС-55713-1  
КС-55713-1В.63.900-1 Гидроцилиндр КС-55713-1В  
КС-55729В.63.900-1 Гидроцилиндр КС-55729В  
КС-55729В.63.900-1-01 Гидроцилиндр КС-55729В  

Гидроцилиндры подъёма стрелы КС-55713-1, КС-55713-1В, КС-55729-1В

Наименование Применение Заказать
КС-55713-3.63.400-2-01 Гидроцилиндр КС-55713-1  
КС-55713-1В.63.400-3 Гидроцилиндр КС-55713-1В, КС-55729В.  
КС-65713-1.63.400-3-01 Гидроцилиндр КС-65713-1  

Гидроцилиндры выдвижения (поворота) опор КС-55713-1, КС-55713-1В, КС-55729-1В, КС-65713-1

Наименование Применение Заказать
КС-55713-2.31.300-2 Гидроцилиндр КС-55713-1  
КС-55713-2.31.300-2-04 Гидроцилиндр КС-55713-1В, КС-55729В  
КС-65713-1.31.300-1 Гидроцилиндр КС-65713-1  
КС-65713-1.31.900-1 Гидроцилиндр КС-65713-1  
КС-65713-1.31.400-1 Гидроцилиндр КС-65713-1  

Гидроцилиндры вывешивания КС-55713-1, КС-55713-1В, КС-55729-1В, КС-65713-1

Наименование Применение Заказать
КС-55713-2.31.200-2 Гидроцилиндр КС-55713-1  
КС-55713-6В.31.200 Гидроцилиндр КС-55713-1В  
КС-55721.31.200 Гидроцилиндр КС-55729В  
КС-65713-1.31.200-2 Гидроопора КС-65713-1