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Mobile cranes with 25 ton lifting capacity

KS-55713-4V Galichanin boom 28,0 m

automobile chassis KamAZ-65111 (6 6) EVRO-4
Price for RF,
VAT 20%
8 675 000 RUR
Price for CIS,
VAT 0%

Model description KS-55713-4V


- 28 m boom lenght

- additional 9 m jib

KC-55713-4V 25-ton truck crane is mounted on KamAZ-53228 (6 6) chassis. The crane is designed for loading/unloading and construction/assembly operations. All chassis have great maneuverability which allows for use of the crane at hard-to-reach sites and its small dimensions make it easy to operate in confined area.

Crane is operated via two axial-piston hydraulic pumps, which are set to operation by the carrier engine through the gearbox and additional PTO. Crane mechanisms have individual drives with independent control. Crane hydraulic system ensures smooth control of all mechanisms with wide range of operations adjustment levels, and allows for simultaneous combination of load-lifting operations.

Initial length of 4-sectional arm is 9.5 m which provides maneuverability and reduces space needed for the crane to move. In the extended position its 28 m, which enlarges its operating area and increases load-lifting height.

The boom is additionally equipped with 9 m jib which enlarges crane operating area and under-boom space among the 25-ton cranes.

Crane jib is transported separately. Support contour solution (4.9 x 5.8) allows the crane to operate in 360 degrees range and minimize the number of moves during operation. Thus, the models function and performance beat those of analogous models. The outriggers use allows for the crane operation in confined area. Load-lifting and swing planetary-type gear with disc brake meets the modern requirements to load-lifting machines. A few crane units have imported components which do not need replacement or repair during the whole run life. Autonomous diesel heater is sued for cab heating.

The arm can be telescoping while having weight on its hook which allows the crane to perform the following operations: place cargo at hard-to-teach spots, transport it through mounted framework. The outriggers use allows for the crane operation in confined area. Crane operating is safe due to lots of sophisticated devices, including microprocessor load limiter with operational parameters indication on the operators display up in the cab. The device protects the crane from overloading, featuring coordinate protection necessary for operation in confined area. It also has integrated telemetry recording unit (so-called black box) and hazardous voltage protection module allowing for work close to power lines.