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Mobile cranes with 32 ton lifting capacity

KS-55729V Galichanin boom 30,2 m

automobile chassis MAZ-6312 (6 4) EVRO-4
Price for RF,
VAT 18%
9 800 000 RUR
Price for CIS,
VAT 0%

Model description KS-55729V

KC-55729 32t truck crane is mounted on MAZ-630303 chassis.

At plant the most innovative technologies are used to upgrade Galichanin 32t cranes. Boom metalwork was manufactured in Germany in compliance with state-of-the-art technologies, using high-yield-point WELDOX steel. New booms sections consist of two bended steel shapes with butt joints between them, which increases arms strength and minimizes their mass. Boom minimum length is 9.6m, maximum 30.2m. This allows both for maneuverability while on move and high operation height.

The boom is additionally equipped with a flying jib, which can be positioned at 15 and 30 degrees to the boom axis which significantly enlarges crane operating range and under-boom space. Use of additional 2.9-ton counterweight allows for improvement of load-lifting capacity and ensures the best characteristics among this particular group of cranes.

The counterweight gets the crane characteristics close to the ones of 50t models, its outreach is up to 27m. The counterweight installation does not require any auxiliary load-lifting equipment or human resources.